Small Agency. Bigger Picture

Linolada Coconut launch

Advertising campaign / Web design

Podravka, 2016.

Podravka expanded its product line of puddings and creamy spreads with a new coconut flavour. Before launching a promotional campaign the products were distributed to a small number of stores. People who bought and tried the product started sharing photos and product reviews on social media. This fired a big online discussion about the taste of the new coconut flavoured spread and where to buy it. Our job was to create a product launch campaign in a most unusual situation where users already started the communication. We decided to build on this organic buzz on social media. A website was designed to capture all user generated content - photos, reviews and comments. Our goal was to show the visitor this product is new, exciting and popular. The website also invited visitors to try the product, create their own content and join the discussion. In the first two months the sales of Linolada coconut spread exceeded plans for over 600%.

Small Agency. Bigger Picture.